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Choose TransColdĀ Services for your EV charging station

TransCold Services makes it easy to purchase and install an electric vehicle charging station at your home or business. We work in tandem with industry leaders to provide you end-to-end solutions.

We can design and install your Electric Vehicle Charging Station. From simple new circuits at residential properties to complex underground infrastructures at businesses, we can design and build the entire project.


Professional EV Charger Installation For Your Home or Office


  • TransCold Services is uniquely positioned to create a safe and reliable infrastructure that supports the use of electric vehicles.
  • TransCold’s network of engineers provides the capabilities for auditing, implementing, monitoring, maintaining and supporting charging stations and networks.


  • TransCold’s hybrid electric system recovers power normally lost during braking and stores the energy in batteries. The stored energy is used to improve fuel economy and vehicle performance for a given speed or it is used to operate the vehicle with electric power only.
  • By providing real-time monitoring and reporting, TransCold’s Network Manager allows the fleet technicians to increase system uptime, reduce energy costs and maximize the reliability of chargers.


  • TransColdĀ is an industry leader in product solutions with safety-conscious design and installation that comply with the latest industry codes and standards.
  • Workers can attend TransColdĀ training programs designed to help users identify and avoid potential hazards such as arc flash and arc fault.