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TransCold Services can provide Renewable Energy Solutions

TransCold Services is dedicated to providing innovative, best of use energy systems to BC homes and businesses. With an extensive background in the renewable energy industry, TransCold offers a suit of products and programs to help you save money, reduce carbon footprints and protect your systems from grid interruptions or external threats.

  •      Construction – We guarantee certified and bondable electricians perform all work
  •      Design – All projects are designed to fit the exact needs of the client
  •      Application and Permit Filing
  •      Trouble Shooting – Problem with your current system? We can help
  •      Follow Up – Monitoring of your system to identify potential issues

Areas of Expertise

  • Specialized refrigeration electrical teams to support TDR refrigeration installations.
  • Commercial/Industrial renewable/hybrid energy designs & installations.
  • Stored energy systems for residential, commercial application to reduce grid dependency or for peak shaving capabilities.
  • Zero Fuel Battery Backup Power