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Refrigeration Equipment Design, Construction, & Manufacture

Over the last 60 years, TransCold Services has gained an industry reputation for being one of the few companies able to service, design, create and install any type of refrigeration or air-conditioning equipment conceivable.

Our models have included systems designed to operate in the extreme temperatures such as the +104 degree heat of Southern California or the -40 degree cold of the Canadian Arctic. We operate out of the Greater Vancouver and Fraser Valley area, but work throughout North America in environments at either extreme.

Commercial Refrigeration Services in GVRD
Industrial Refrigeration Installation & Service in BC, AB, SK & USA
Marine Refrigeration Manufacturing and Installation on the West Coast
HVAC Service and Installation throughout North America

TransCold Services Ltd. can manufacture refrigeration systems for both commercial and industrial purposes, which sets them apart from the majority of the refrigeration industry. Our highly skilled engineering staff would be pleased to work with you and design the equipment best suited to your business needs.

The use of multiple compressors has several advantages over a centralized, large compressor. It allows a greater range of capacity control over various freezer loading conditions; provides the owner with system redundancy, should one compressor require servicing during operation; and does not create a “peak electrical loading” condition that may increase the operating costs of the equipment.

Our custom manufacturing facilities have given us the leading edge over our competition. Our cabinet freezers can be manufactured to any size or freezing capacity to best suit your requirements. Use of heavy duty compound compressors and related system components guarantee a long service life. Our cabinet freezers are fully marinized, this means you will not have to worry about the integrity of the freezer even after years of exposure to the most harsh marine environment. In fact we are so confident of the reliability of our units that we offer the best warranties in the business.

Since our manufacturing facility is fully equipped, the possibilities for construction are endless. We have created units which are not made by larger equipment manufacturers, which puts us ahead in the industry.