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Marine Services

TransCold Services has a 50 year legacy as “Your Marine Refrigeration Experts” with West Coast commercial fishing fleets. From this experience we are able to design, build, install and service almost every conceivable type of marine refrigeration system conceivable.

We not only service the local commercial fishing fleet but also provide services for refrigeration on yachts, cruise ships, freighters, naval ships and offshore accommodation vessels. We can help you with everything from galley refrigerators to refrigerated ship’s stores to plate freezers and complex salt water ice making systems.

  •      Custom design, fabrication and installation
  •      Compressor Rebuilding
  •      Extruded Aluminum Plate Freezer Manufacturer
  •      Diesel driven compressor packages
  •      Seasonal Start-Up & Shut Down Service
  •      Annual Refrigerant Leak Inspections

Areas of Expertise

  • Galley Refrigeration
  • Ships Stores Refrigeration
  • Freighters & Cruise Ships
  • Ammonia Systems
  • Blast Freezing Systems
  • Refrigerated Sea Water Systems